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Autism Research

  • Study Links Specific Gene to Autism Subtype
    This will be a game changer in the way scientists are researching autism," says lead author Raphael Bernier, clinical director of the Autism Center at Seattle Children's Hospital.
  • They are all so different’: Autism requires variety of treatments
    JOHNSTOWN — Tina Dallape heard the small child’s voice say, “Want some,” but she knew her 3-year-old daughter, Sophia, was not in the room.
  • Learning gains for autistic children
    La Trobe researchers achieve a breakthrough in helping overcome learning difficulties in children with autism.
  • Autism Risk Half Genetic, Half Environmental
    Although autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is known to aggregate in families, individual risk is poorly understood. Even the heritability of ASD, a broad and seemingly straightforward population measure, is uncertain. In evaluating heritability, several studies have focused on twins, particularly pairs in which at least one twin had a diagnosis of ASD.
  • UC San Diego Autism Research Described as
    UC San Diego scientists say they've made a breakthrough in autism research. Researchers found using stem cells can help them find the right drug to treat the disorder.

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