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Canadian health care funding

Health care in Canada can be funded on two levels - federal and provincial. The system is funded via income taxation, and some provinces may also choose to fund the local health care additionally by the means of local lotteries and sales taxes. Some provinces may also choose to change health premiums, but in spite of that, every person still has the right to claim medical care, no matter if the premiums were paid or not. Health care spending in the country is significant and well over 40 billion dollars annually, with additional injections provided every year based on the federal government's decision. Although there are many people opposing to that much cash spent on health care, for the most part Canadians are happy to know they will be taken care of without having to go bankrupt. In fact, there are many people in the world tired of paying their insurance fees and not getting the service they deserve. Canada seems like such a heaven for those requiring medical help but not sure their insurance will cover the cost, or pretty sure their deducible will be significant because of the health plan chosen. If you want to take the best without having to worry about the details, you can always visit our Canadian health&care mall and get any medications you need in no time. We offer high quality treatment that costs next to nothing, which is what Canadian health care stands for. It's time for you to get better and still have plenty of money left, which seems like a great way out.