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Canadian health care: is there room for private insurance?

Everybody knows that Canadian health care is free for the public. While this is not technically correct, because it's funded by taxation and still paid for by the people later requiring medical care, you do not need to pay any money after seeing a primary care physical or having some tests done. At the same time, however, there is plenty of room for private insurance, because no matter how comprehensive Canada's health insurance is, there are still services that require additional coverage. Such services include dental and optometrists, and can either be provided by an employer or by private insurance companies. It makes sense too, because the system is still fair to everyone, offering basic medical care for no extra money. The fairness of Canadian health care is one of the reasons why it's praised so much. Indeed, this country gives its residents a chance to purchase very affordable drugs, get medical services they need without worrying about the money and feel secure they will be taken the very best care of. Knowing this is probably what everyone wants, we are offering the services of ourĀ Canadian health&care mall. At this very pharmacy, you will always find the best medications on the internet, delivered straight from the licensed Canadian manufacturers and available round the clock. We make sure every customer of ours is happy with the service we offer and gets finest quality meds for very little money, just like folks do in Canada.