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Canadian health care: what’s so great about it?

There isn't one opinion about the way Canadian health care works these days, because it has plenty of both opponents and supporters. Opponents of the system currently employed say it's injected with too much cash that's not spent wisely, so the 10% of the GDP spent on health care could be used in more efficient ways, as long as the system was changed in favor of large insurance companies, in the same way it is in the United States. Those supporting the current system say excellent quality of health care and its universal availability beat any other aspects mentioned, including significant cash injections. Obviously, there are always more than two opinions, but one thing is for certain: over the few decades of its existence, Canadian health care proved quite efficient, although by no means perfect. The fact every resident has access to medical services and does not need to worry about thousands of dollars of medical bills afterwards already says a lot about it. If you are not lucky enough to be a citizen of Canada but would really like to see how it feels like to spend near to nothing on your treatment, you will benefit greatly from visiting our Canadian health&care mall. We offer lowest prices on high quality meds from Canada. You can be sure we perform strict quality control and always guarantee your satisfaction with the services rendered.