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Erectile Dysfunction and Age: How to Live a Full Sexual Life after 50?

How to Live Full Sexual Life after 50Erectile dysfunction after 50 is a pathological condition, but this does not mean that it can not be cured. Many men consider erectile dysfunction an inevitable phenomenon that every man faces in mature or old age inevitably. Such a judgment is fundamentally false. At what age does ed start? No doubt, the percentage of older men who suffer from this disease is much higher than the percentage of young men. Of course, sex changes for men after 50. But everything depends not only on age, and you should know all erectile dysfunction risk factors. In the article:
  1. Erectile dysfunction causes;
  2. Stress is the main enemy of a man;
  3. How common is ED after 50?
  4. How to cure erectile dysfunction after 50?

What are the Most Effective Drugs that Increase Potency?

best drugs for potency Basing on erectile dysfunction causes, a man can be prescribed different drugs that increase potency. All potency drugs are divided into three groups, there are also popular erectile dysfunction natural remedies. Below in the article:
  • Best drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra;
  • How to choose drugs for potency;
  • Erectile dysfunction natural remedies.

Best drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

The most popular group of high potency drugs are inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5 inhibitors). They block this enzyme and increase the blood supply to the penis. These drugs have advantages and disadvantages. Let's review each PDE5 inhibitor in detail: (more…)

Bronchial Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

This disease is widespread all over the world, hundreds of millions of people (5 - 10% of the world population) suffer from this disorder. Predisposition to asthma development of is higher at people who often suffered from colds, respiratory system inflammatory diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia.
  • Asthma that occurs in case of increased sensitivity to infectious agents is called non-atopic.
  • Atopic or allergic asthma develops on the background of increased sensitivity to allergens of different origin - plant pollen, chemicals in the air or entering body with drugs, dust, exhaust fumes. Atopic asthma is more common at people who suffer from eczema, conjunctivitis, neurodermatitis and other allergic reactions.
Poor living conditions (polluted air, water) and poor diet (prevalence of food with preservatives, dyes and synthetic flavors, trans fats, fatty, fried and smoked foods) contribute to asthma development at people with genetic predisposition to the disease. Canadian Health&Care Mall decided in this article to consider the most typical asthma causes and symptoms and describe the most effective ways to deal with and prevent asthma attacks. asthma

Causes and Risk Factors

Asthma usually manifests in early infancy, but with age it disappears or becomes milder with attacks appearing not more than once a week. Usually, cough attacks at asthma is combined with dyspnea, difficulties at exhalation. If asthma attacks are of allergic nature (atopic asthma), they are accompanied by symptoms that are characteristic for any allergy - urticaria fever, runny nose, swelling, watery eyes. For non-allergic asthma choking attacks are more common, they arise spontaneously, even without visible presence of allergens, bronchial tubes are sensitive to slightest irritation, such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure changes. Parasitogenic infection can also cause asthma - if pathogenic agents are present in the body for a long time, immune system is reduced, sensitivity to even slight irritation increases. In conjunction with chronic bronchitis and other respiratory tract diseases, this leads to asthma attacks in response to household chemicals, drugs (e. g., aspirin), pollen. Roundworm larvae, penetrating lungs, cause coughing, provoke asthma development. Parasitic invasion may be unnoticeable to humans, as roundworms after coughing are usually reflexively swallowed. Other parasites that cause asthma: strongyloide, hookworm, toxocara.

Asthma Symptoms

  • Rales at breathing caused by air passing through highly constricted bronchial passages;
  • Painful cough at night and in the morning, worsening with air temperature decrease;
  • Shortness of breath, inability to exhale, possible panic attacks. Patients with asthma use shoulders and neck muscles to facilitate exhalation;
  • Increased chest – there is air in lungs that is impossible to completely exhale;
  • At severe disease stage breathing is so difficult, that even wheezing of exhaled air is not audible, because its amount is too small.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Aspirin-Induced Asthma

Type of the disease at which complications are caused by hypersensitivity to aspirin, is called aspirin-induced asthma. Every decade a number of patients with severe chronic disease – bronchial asthma – is increasing. Asthma cause is increased upper respiratory tract sensitivity to external factors. Asthma triggering factors can be both viral infections and allergy to different substances. Canadian Health&Care Mall specialist decided to consider aspirin-induced asthma symptoms and treatment in details.

Definition and Pathogenesis

aspirin-induced asthma Aspirin-induced asthma is a special type of asthma, at which one of the main precipitating factors is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Aspirin-induced asthma is distinguished as a special type of asthma, similar to it in its symptoms. As with asthma, patients for many years suffer from dyspnea attacks and painful cough, sometimes developing into asthma attack, which limits their activities in life. Aspirin-induced asthma peculiarity is that its main reason is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Many patients mistakenly believe that aspirin-induced asthma can only be caused by a drug that gave its name - aspirin. In fact, a large group of drugs, such as analgin, baralgin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, citramonum, has similar chemical structure. It is necessary to eliminate yellow dye – tartrazine, and pills in yellow coating, such as No-Spa. As a result of receiving these drugs more molecules that lead to bronchi narrowing are formed and substances, contributing their expansion, are insufficient. For this asthma type severe patients' condition is characteristic. At early disease stages there are detected immune and endocrine systems disorders. Patients complain of nasal congestion and profuse discharge that can last all year round. When taking aspirin, health condition is sharply deteriorating. Classic disease symptoms are: NSAID drugs intolerance, rhinitis and nasal polyps. The latter two symptoms may not appear at aspirin-induced asthma.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Aspirin-induced asthma danger is that sometimes non-steroidal drugs are used to treat bronchial asthma. For example, to relieve asthma attack doctors may recommend baralgin, which includes anti-inflammatory drug - analgin. These drugs can cause a more severe asthma attack and lead to serious consequences, including death. Aspirin-induced asthma treatment does not differ from treatment of common type of this disease. Aspirin-induced asthma has one basic feature: patients are contraindicated NSAIDs. Caution should be taken when using paracetamol. Timely diagnostics of non-steroidal drugs intolerance is necessary. For diagnostics purposes, provocative tests with aspirin are commonly used. Doctors give patients small dosage of the drug and record external respiration indicators. To conduct this tests it is necessary to be very careful. Medical centers, where these tests are carried out, must necessarily have intensive care unit. There are three degrees of disease severity:
  1. mild: rare daytime and night-time attacks that can disappear on their own;
  2. moderately severe: nocturnal attacks appear more than twice a month;
  3. severe: frequent life-threatening attacks. Patients often require hospitalization.
It is impossible to completely cure aspirin-induced asthma. But therapy will facilitate patient's condition. For this patient are often recommended inhalations. People with aspirin-induced asthma are prescribed Canadian Health&Care Mall inhaled corticosteroids, such as:
  • flunisolide;
  • budesonide;
  • fluticasone propionate.
Aspirin desynthesizing. In some cases it is impossible to refuse from aspirin for health reasons, for example at rheumatic diseases. Phenomenon of patient’s insensitivity to repeated doses allows such treatment. At the beginning of the course patients are given about 10 mg of aspirin, and then the dosage is increased to 650 mg. Then patients administer supporting aspirin doses for a long time. Surgery. In aspirin-induced asthma treatment sometimes such method as nasal polyps removal is used. As a result of this surgery nasal breathing and general patient’s condition improve. Asthma treatment should be carried out only under qualified professionals supervision! Aspirin-induced asthma is not the case when you can engage in self-medication.

Aspirin-Induced Asthma at Children

Bronchial asthma, combined with aspirin intolerance, often runs in families. You can observe families, in which asthma attacks as a result of receiving anti-inflammatory drugs appeared in four generations. Children in such families suffer from aspirin-induced asthma. Aspirin intolerance occurs in about 30% of children with asthma. Children may suffer from attacks of dry cough, dyspnea, especially at night and in the morning. In this disease treatment corticosteroids are often used. For proper treatment it is necessary to diagnose asthma type. Disease diagnostics at children has its difficulties. Usually provoking test method is too dangerous to apply to children. Another method is used – high-performance liquid chromatography, by which amount of leukotrienes released by leukocytes under indomethacin influence is determine. Test is performed using patient's venous blood. In any case, parents should watch what kind of reaction taken medications cause to note any deterioration. This will help doctor to make correct diagnosis. Dosage is selected depending on disease severity. The leading role in drug delivery is played by inhalation devices - nebulizers. They provide maximal drug penetration into respiratory tract. Ultrasonic nebulizers may be carried around.

Diet during Disease

At bronchial asthma special attention should be paid to patient’s diet. At severe disease course the following products should be entirely eliminated from the menu:
  • canned foods;
  • gastronomic products, that is, all kinds of sausages, ham or boiled pork;
  • beer, liquor, wine, including champagne, coca-cola, coffee and tea (they contain large amounts of salicylates);
  • products containing food dyes such as tartrazine (yellow dye) or red cochineal;
  • red fruits and vegetables.
Menu can include fresh apples «Golden Delicious», pears, green and yellow onion, garlic, wild garlic, beets, potatoes - all of these products are low in salicylates. You can add vegetable herbs, such as parsley and saffron. Careful application of spices, such as soy sauce and vinegar, can also be useful. Also there are small amount of hazardous substances in meat, fish and dairy products. aspirin At severe disease forms it is better to eat safe products and try new dishes in case of improvement. With early detection, preventive and therapeutic measures at patients with aspirin-induced asthma, as well as with other asthma types, can live a full life. Refusal from aspirin, proper diet and disease control will allow to reduce attacks frequency and lead active lifestyle and exercise. Treatment for the patient must be prescribed by qualified specialist. In no case do not engage in self-medication based on recommendations from friends or data from the Internet. With doctor’s help disease control will be achieved, and patients can have a full life.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Autism at Children

Autism at children is brain disease associated with its lesion in the womb. The disease affects child's development, its psychological and emotional state and its consequences affect normal activities during growth process. Autism treatment eliminates problems affecting timely and normal physical and mental development, and therefore it is necessary to identify the problem in time and detect abnormalities in early stages. According to Canadian Health&Care Mall statistics, autism symptoms at children occur in only 1% of all babies born.

Autism Causes

Autism causes become diet violation and insufficient amount of mineral nutrients for the fetus. A number of scientists are inclined to say that autism occurs at children after brain hypoxia. But, anyway, heredity is excluded from the list of causes. It is scientifically proven that this disease is not transmitted genetically and is acquired by embryo in the womb. autism If a family has a child with autism, probability of birth of the second baby with the same disease is only 3 - 6%. Despite the fact that doctors and Canadian Health&Care Mall researchers are continuously doing researches on autism causes, provoking disease emergence, the number of affected children is increasing. Another sound version of disease development has become hormonal disruptions at boys, because according to statistics, they suffer from autism five times more often than girls. A child with autism develops usually later than other children. It is not communicative, not sociable, and can’t find common ground with its peers. Isolation appears due to the fact that one of the major autism symptoms at children is wrong perception and understanding of words and phrases addressed to the child by parents or friends. Infantile autism is often accompanied by such symptoms as indigestion, allergies and intestinal problems. This happens due to the fact that child’s underdeveloped brain tissue is not able to cope with digestion processes and processes governing stable operation of internal organs. Professionals, working with children with autism, have concluded that symptoms at each child are individual. Similar can only be minor common indicators that allow establishing correct diagnosis. In addition, autism symptoms at children up to three years are significantly different from symptoms at older children or adults, which makes it possible to conclude that there are no specific clinical symptoms for each patient. A child suffering from this disease with time acquires a number of habits characteristic for such patients. One of them is long silence and unusual posture of the body during conversation with someone. Besides to interesting autism symptoms at children can be attributed uncharacteristic «eye to eye» look, which is not typical for young children. Autistic child begins to talk very late. Statistics are disappointing - 40% of these children do not speak at all because they do not seek or do not consider it necessary to maintain conversation with relatives or peers. Another autism symptom at children may be focusing on the same subject, phrase or some other minor for other people detail. This happens due to the fact that pathology does not give a child possibility to cover the entire object. A child usually has a few hobbies, such as playing bingo and cards. At the same time, playing or thinking, children for no apparent reason begin to sway from side to side or clap hands. But if to teach a sick child one thing - music or painting, then over time it will achieve great success in this field.

How to Identify Autism at Early Stages?

At early age children with autism do not behave like their counterparts, to which parents cannot help but pay attention. The first signs for worrying and signals to ensure that it is time to see a specialist, may be the following symptoms:
  • unlike other children autists do not experience anxiety and do not cry when a mother leaves them alone. And when one of parents appears in the room - do not pull hands towards;
  • aggressiveness when meeting or playing with peers;
  • strong delay in speech development. By two years old a child is able to say a few simple sentences;
  • fear of external stimuli - too bright light, loud conversation or music.
If you see at least one of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor who will make a diagnose and if it's autism - prescribe treatment.

Possible Forms and Methods of Treatment

Unfortunately, autism is one of those diseases that are not treatable. Underdeveloped tissues and damaged in the womb brain cells are not possible to restore. However, Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists say that such type of the disease as atypical autism, can be smoothed by means of special psychological training and techniques. These exercises allow patient to develop some social skills and behavior in society, which helps to adapt and feel comfortable among others. autismSome experts, who study health condition and disease causes, prefer such method of treatment as diet. However, there are no scientific evidence and facts of children's recovery through diet. According to experts’ opinion, autism is a disease at which stomach and intestines are not able to perceive gluten and casein, and thus excluding from the diet foods containing these proteins, you can expect significant relief. However, gluten-free diet adversely affects carbohydrates assimilation in the body, and therefore it can only be assigned by a specialist with knowledge of baby’s health condition. If you have a child with autism in the family, it is necessary to maintain favorable for these people psychologically comfortable environment. Constantly keep in touch with a psychologist, consult and advise with experts, and remember - health and well-being of your child is only in your hands!

Erectile Dysfunction: General Description

Erection - What is it?

Erection is the ability to achieve and maintain penis firmness, sufficient for successful performance and completion of sexual intercourse. Male penis consists of two parallel longitudinal ridges of erectile tissue, the so-called cavernous bodies (corpora cavernosa), and a small tube - spongy body (corpus spongiosum), which surrounds urethra and forms balanus (glans penis). Cavernous and spongy bodies are composed of spongy tissue surrounded by dense fibrous tunic. Blood inflow and outflow in cavernous and spongy bodies is regulated by special mechanisms, so that penis could rapidly be filled with blood, increase in volume and become firm. This condition is called erection.

How does Erection Happen, and Why?

Erection is a consequence of complex neural and vascular interactions usually associated with sexual excitement. At excitement signals transmitted from brain to sacral part of spinal cord and then to local nerves, which cause smooth muscles relaxation in penile arterial walls. This provides increased blood flow and filling cavernous and spongy bodies spongy tissue with it. Filled with blood cavernous and spongy bodies compress efferent veins so blood outflow is reduced. Penis is filled with blood, swells and becomes firm. As long as erection lasts, blood is “trapped” in penis. Erection is terminated after ejaculation, or as a result of any violation signals that caused it cease to come. Blood flow and cavernous bodies pressure on blood efferent veins decreases, blood outflows from cavernous and spongy bodies, and penis returns to its normal relaxed state. During erection there is 6 times more blood in penis than at rest state. erectile dysfucntion

About the Problem

Erectile dysfunction is inability to achieve and maintain erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Once this disorder was known as impotence. Today, this term is rarely used, is considered obsolete and has condemning undertone. Erectile dysfunction occurs in various forms:
  • as permanent inability to achieve erection;
  • as inability to achieve erection sufficient for penetration;
  • as inability to maintain erection long enough for successful sexual intercourse completion.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men experience erection problems. Some people observe these problems not clearly expressed and not frequently, and some – on the contrary. erectile dysfucntionOne in ten men aged from 18 to 40 years is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Every second man aged from 40 and 70 years is experiencing erectile dysfunction. This statistics is made by Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists. At the same time a lot of drugs and supplements (BAA) for erectile dysfunction treatment are being bought without prescription or consulting a doctor – this statistics is impossible to be estimated. There are two main types of erectile dysfunction:
  1. primary – erection, sufficient for sexual intercourse, has never occurred;
  2. secondary – previously, patient had normal erection, but now in 25% of cases and more erection is insufficient for sexual intercourse.
Erectile dysfunction is one of the main men's health indicators. An important factor in ED development is stress that leads to depression, depressed mood, decreased sexual desire. ED incidence among smokers is 15 - 20% higher than that among non-smokers. (more…)

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Autism Manifestations in Children

Problems since Birth

Children with autism, since the first months of life, are characterized by some peculiarities in development. First of all, such a child early avoid interaction with all kinds and adults: he does not cuddled to mother when she takes him in arms, does not stretch hand and pulled to her, as healthy baby does, does not look in eyes, avoiding direct eye contact. He often prevails peripheral vision (better perceive space around a fixed point than point itself); he also may not respond to sounds in his own name, which often leads one to suspect these children having hearing loss.

Distinctive Features

autismA characteristic feature of mental development in autism is contradictory, ambiguous manifestations of its violation. Autistic child can be highly intelligent and mentally retarded, it can be gifted in some area (music, mathematics), but it does not have simple domestic and social skills. The same child in different situations can be awkward and can demonstrate amazing motor dexterity. Intelligence quotient of autistic children is often over 70 points out of 100-point grading scale. These children display ability - sometimes brilliant - for drawing, music, design. They are called "island of knowledge", and those who have them, called "scientists -autists." The child are not affected at all by remaining areas of life and are not interested in them.


Autistic child is very connected with his own existing stereotypes. All his inner world squeezed into rigid framework, way out beyond which is tragedy for him. It happens due to primarily the so-called neophobia - fear of anything new. However, such children can develop phobia to anything. In particular, autistic children often suffer from sensory phobia - fear of electrical household devices, producing sharp sounds, water sound, dark or bright light, closed doors, clothes with turtle neck, etc. When autistic child feels particularly bad, he can show aggression and self-injurious behavior. The explosion of destructive force of desperation is usually directed against intervention in his life and attempts to change his stereotypes. Selectivity in contacts and lack of visible affection even to close people appear from whole systems fears, and because of this - there appear prohibitions and self-restraint.

Speech Development

Speech is distinguished by inflexibility "unnaturalness", "mechanistic", "parrot - like". Often impression of stamping is present. One of striking characteristics of autistic child's speech - echophrasia - delayed, repetition of heard anywhere phrases out of touch with the real situation.

Family Problems with Autistic Child

The main Trouble for families with an autistic child, first of all, is that awareness of problem often occurs suddenly. The difficulty with establishing contact and interaction are balanced in eyes of parents soothing experiences that cause serious, intelligent child's eyes, his special abilities. Therefore, at the time of diagnosis, family is undergoing through the hardest times of stress: three, four, sometimes even five parents report that their child, who is still considered healthy and gifted, in fact, "unteachable." Often, they immediately offered to issue disability or place it in special boarding school. Stress for family which continues to "fight" for their child, often becomes chronic from that moment.

Maternal Perception

The biggest problems fall to autistic child's mother lot, because from its very birth, she does not get positive emotions, just joy of communion with more than cover all the hardships and fatigue associated with daily cares and anxieties. The child does not smile to her, does not look in the eye, he does not like to be on your hands; sometimes he even distinguishes it from other surrounding people, does not give a visible preference in contact. The consequence of it is depression, irritability, emotional exhaustion development. Characteristically, need for communication in autistic children was not initially broken. Such a child can be deeply attached to loved one, and human person is important for him as it is for any other - just eye contact, but he can withstand only short-lasting contact. Thus, autistic child rather can not, than does not want to communicate with other people.

Paternity Difficulties

Fathers tend to avoid daily stress associated with bringing up an autistic child, spending more time at work. Nevertheless, they are experiencing feelings of guilt, frustration as well, but do not talk about it so clearly as mothers'. In addition, these special burdens borne material to provide care for "troublesome" child, which are felt more acutely because they promise to be long-lasting, virtually lifelong. Brothers and sisters of such children are grow in special situations: they are experiencing some difficulties with psychological and domestic terms, and parents in such a situation often force to sacrifice their interests.autistic children

What to Do – Tips of Canadian Health&Care Mall

During 40-60-ies many experts considered autism as emotional isolation which is quite normal in children. In the 60s facts, which are clearly indicated, began to accumulate that autism is result of invisible form of brain damage. Special teaching methods have been developed that have proven effectiveness in reducing behavior deviations and learning necessary skills. And yet, to provide proper care for sick child for autism is not an easy task. Autism for many reasons may be for months, and in some cases even years vague or incorrectly diagnosed. Canadian Health and Care Mall strictly recommends you to undergo required medical examination and then order medications (if necessary) via

Daily Life

Unlike most children with autism are not very willing to accept information from external environment. To teach them basic elementary things is necessary for life in house or outside, it is very difficult, it is a slow and gradual process. Routine day can heavily load one of parents, because it is necessary to perform a lot of work, namely, to help child get dressed, feed him, and led to bathroom, as well as to correct dangerous or obscene behavior and clean up room after child. To all this it may be added need of ongoing care for child with autism. For these children you constantly need to monitor, because they have no sense of danger. With age, some of these requirements disappear, whereas other may grow. Even if progress is made, almost all patients for autism and further require a certain care throughout their lives. There are no so many special institutions for adults with autism, parents of sick children are faced with a choice: either the whole life take care of sick child at home, or, if possible, to bring your adult child in institution, where professional staff will care for him.

Reaction of Other People

Most children with autism appear outwardly normal, but their behavior may surprise or shock others, which creates psychological problems for family. Through these difficulties, many of parents can seek for solitude. They can go for a walk at a time when the least there are less people. The other parents it is generally difficult to go out with the baby for a walk.

Importance of Family Unity

In book "Children with autism" is written: "Simple and very important thing for autistic child is that his family should be together." This is an extremely difficult task. Difficulty to raise a child with autism is transformed into extremely severe emotional trauma. Some people give up, and someone successfully overcomes these problems. One book describes three pieces of advice composed on basis of experience of successful couples who have autistic child.
  1. First of all, it is important to determine cause of painful feelings and to share them.
  2. Second tip: check their roles and routine in house, making adjustments, that any work was divided fairly equally.
  3. Third tip: schedule a time when you will be doing something together, just two of us. Defining priorities, never let needs of your child, or his devotion to endanger your family life.
Although disease is incurable, but still patients can get help. It is important to as quickly as possible to establish diagnosis and begin to treat it properly. Great support becomes, when family and friends are actively helping their parents. Although disease is incurable, but still patients can get help. It is important to as quickly as possible to establish diagnosis and begin to treat it properly. Great support becomes, when family and friends are actively helping their parents.
  • Do not rush to give advice.
  • Invite family members for visit. Even if they will not be able to take some kind of invitation, it will be very grateful that you invite them.
  • Offer to sit with child. One of the largest family of patient needs is a break from hectic daily schedule.
  • Start with a proposal to sit a few minutes with your child. In the end, you will probably be able to release members of family for the evening or for the weekend. Such rest is very helpful for family to rebuild their forces.
  • More important particular service is that they feel love and understanding of others. In short, the most important you can do for members of patient's family- it continues to be their friends.

Special Abilities

Children with autism have some special abilities, such as fantastic memory for details and small details. Someone has musical ability, and they can play complex musical passages even without music. Still others - gifted mathematicians.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Generic Levitra

What Are Generic Drugs?

Recently, it has become used such a concept as "generic", but not everyone knows what this term means. So, generics are drugs that are identical to the original, they are much cheaper and are very common in pharmaceutical market. Now you can buy generic drugs at any pharmacy including Canadian Health Care Mall, they replace almost all of the original drug. Generics have appeared in developed countries in the second half of the last century. Their distribution is subject to low cost, which greatly increases social value of these drugs, making treatment affordable for all segments of population. In any country, health care costs are very high, which greatly affects economy, so people use any ways to save money. Through use of generic drugs, this situation has significantly improved. In recent years, volume of generics sales greatly increased, for example, in Europe it is more than 20 billion dollars, and in Russia the share of generics in the market is more than 90%, the lowest rate on their application in the United States. It does not exceed 15% of total used drugs. In essence, generic - a copy of original drug, and why to spend a lot of money when you can buy generic drugs? But it is not so simple as it seems, and sometimes, a copy may be significantly different from the original. The development of original drugs often takes several decades, in which is invested huge amount of funds, and goods enter market for which there is a patent, valid for a certain period. According to it generics - drugs appear on the market that are composed of the same active substance, but under different name, which gives manufacturer. As a manufacturer with such drug release obtains a much lower expenses, and cost of the final product obtained is substantially lower. Nowadays, it has become increasingly popular generic drugs that positively affect potency.generic drugs All generic drugs possess one feature - in their composition only active substances are copies of the original. Sometimes there are cases when their concentration is higher than that of original drug, but effect is worse. This can be attributed to several factors. For example, ultimate purity of active substance - in development of original manufacturer is tryings to improve product quality to win leading positions on the market, and in production of generic drugs there is not a problem that can greatly reduce drug's effectiveness. Another factor is interaction between active substance and additive agents. In original medication development it is paid a lot of attention to this, because presence of any chemical element can reduce or even completely neutralize drug' effect. In production of generics their interaction is rarely taken into account. Finally, the latest factor: the result of original drug development is usually stable chemical compound, but generics cannot always boast it. An example of this is drug with the same composition, but original feels fine at room temperature, but generic is necessary to be stored in refrigerator, or its pharmacological properties decline markedly or disappear altogether. In some cases, this drawback will not cause any difficulties, but what if you need medication throughout the day and requires it within reach all the time? (more…)

Canadian Health Care Mall – The Best Choice

A worldwide network is boundless, and today it is difficult to imagine any sphere of human activity, to which the Internet would not have connection. Medicine and pharmacy are no exception as well. Now you can easily get online physician consultation, or to order medications via online pharmacy. Any user from all over the world is able to place an order for medications via our online service: Canadian Health&Care Mall is the best choice offered by the Internet. Without leaving your home, to find and order desired products is very convenient. But what is it necessary to know about online pharmacies? How to choose right online store?

Benefits of Online Pharmacy Services

online storeGrowing of consumers is observed every year. Since purchase of such medication not only saves time, but also client's funds. After all, drug's price is significantly lower than in traditional network pharmacy. In addition, virtual pharmacies offer a wide range of medicines and medical supplies, health products, baby products, medical equipment, etc. That is, for example, a rare anti-cancer drug that is in the local pharmacy you need to pre-order and wait for delivery, online pharmacy is constantly available, your task - only to issue this order. And quality of medicines and medical supplies in online pharmacies is of no difference from that of traditional drugstores, because all drugs are subject to State control, and are authorized to implement. So, Internet pharmacy is distinguished by:
  • fast processing and delivery;
  • convenience;
  • low prices;
  • availability;
  • high quality.
Every person may take use of online pharmacy - Canadian Pharmacy Mall. It is time to command our service and decide whether it is suitable for you or not. But we insist it is the best you have ever come across with. we differ from other online pharmacies by the following aspects:
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  5. professional assistance (online consultations, e-mail discussions, support group solving all technical problem).
Our website is what you exactly need. Command our service - we will do our best to meet all your needs and wishes.

Canadian Uprima – Method of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Impotence is characterized by inability to achieve or maintain erection necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse. In fight against male impotence it has developed a new drug – Canadian Uprima. The main active substance is apomorphine hydrochloride. Additive components are:
  • magnesium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • citric acid;
  • hypromellose;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • disodium edetate;
  • silicon dioxide;
  • iron oxide red (E172);
  • acesulfame potassium;
  • mint and orange flavoring;
  • mannitol.

Indications for Canadian Uprima Use

The main indications for Uprima use is increased activity of dopaminergic neurotransmitter system of brain to enhance sexual interest and acute sensations in people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Uprima is prescribed for ED treatment.

Released Form

Uprima is released in form of sublingual tablet of 2 mg (pentagonal lollipops) or 3mg (triangular candy) corresponding to the quantitative content of apomorphine hydrochloride. The red-brown pills are bi-engraving - the letter "a" on one side and the number 2 or 3 on the other.


uprima The pharmacological action of Canadian Uprima online is directed to nuclei in the hypothalamus. This brain area is responsible for dopamine production, neurotransmitter system belongs to the group affecting ability to have fun. In turn, paraventricular nuclei in the hypothalamus is the area where focus sexual excitement aspects. Pharmacodynamic Canadian Uprima tablets properties are conditioned by apomorphine - main erection initiator sending proerectile impulse. Recovery of erectile function becomes possible thanks to central nervous system normalization that affects vascular response of penile cavernous tissue.


The half-life period of apomorphine is approximately 3 hours. Oral, intravenous and subcutaneous medication administration gives a maximum effect. Uprima of Canadian Pharmacy is available at Canadian Health&Care Mall at attractive price.

Canadian Uprima Pharmacokinetics

  1. Absorption - through oral cavity mucosa, and after 10 minutes, apomorphine appears in the blood plasma (maximum concentration observed after 40-60 minutes);
  2. Distribution - apomorphine 90% bound to plasma protein (albumin);
  3. Metabolic break up - is accomplished mainly by correlation with glucuronic acid or sulphate. The second way is expansion through N-demethylation and creating norapomorphine, which is converted to glucuronide and sulfate;
  4. Canadian Uprima excretion process - 2 mg sublingual administration determines 90% and 15% apomorphine presence approximately in urine and in feces respectively. Less than 2% of apomorphine detected in urine intactly. Faeces contain apomorphine norapomorphine and sulfates;
  5. It should be noted that pharmacokinetics of Uprima - apomorphine has not been studied in women and persons under 18 years. Data on apomorphine pharmacokinetics relate to healthy men over 65 years.

Uprima Use during Pregnancy

It is banned to use Canadian Uprima online during pregnancy, by women, and by children.


Uprima contraindications apply to patients with severe angina, myocardial infarction, suffering from hypotension or cardiac insufficiency, as well as other diseases that limit sexual activity. The presence of individual intolerance of one of drug components will also be banned. People with liver disease of varying degrees of recommended dosage does not exceed 2 mg to strict medical supervision.

Uprima Side Effects

These medical observations for 4,000 patients of different ages with a diagnosis - “erectile dysfunction” pathogenic, organic, or mixed type who took 2-3ml of apomorphine revealed the following Uprima side effects:
  • ability to develop vegetative syndrome manifested in spontaneous and brief drop in blood pressure, with consequent loss of consciousness (subject to the number of cases dosing less than 0.2%);
  • deterioration of general condition, characterized by pain of various localization or headache;
  • decrease in body's defenses and susceptibility to infection;
  • vasodilation;
  • nausea;
  • drowsiness, loss of consciousness;
  • short of breath feeling, rhinitis / pharyngitis exacerbation and cough;
  • excessive sweating;
  • changes in taste.
Admission for Canadian Uprima agreed with a specialist scheme shows good tolerability and documented cases of side effects. The drug was tested on patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, spinal cord injuries and underwent prostatectomy. Side effects of these diseases did not differ from the frequency and intensity of other patients taking Canadian Uprima.

Dosing and Administration

The initial dosage of Uprima pills assigned to all patients is 2 mg. Number of tableted material was adjusted to a value sufficient for sexual intercourse. The value is adjusted individually and re-reception is performed with an 8-hour interval.

Dosing and Administration

  • directly before sublingual administration, drink a little water, it will help medicine dissolve better;
  • approximately 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, place the tablet under the tongue;
  • complete dissolution of drug occurs, usually after 10 minutes. If after 20 minutes the tablet failed completely sucked, the rest should be swallowed; drug effectiveness increases sexual stimulation;
  • sexual intercourse should start only when you are feeling ready for it.


In the process of conducting clinical trials of Uprima tablets overdose any data were not revealed. Excess dosage of drug when administered sublingually often causes a gag reflex. Using the drug orally significantly reduces apomorphine effect as a result of metabolic breakdown.