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Bronchial Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

This disease is widespread all over the world, hundreds of millions of people (5 - 10% of the world population) suffer from this disorder. Predisposition to asthma development of is higher at people who often suffered from colds, respiratory system inflammatory diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia.
  • Asthma that occurs in case of increased sensitivity to infectious agents is called non-atopic.
  • Atopic or allergic asthma develops on the background of increased sensitivity to allergens of different origin - plant pollen, chemicals in the air or entering body with drugs, dust, exhaust fumes. Atopic asthma is more common at people who suffer from eczema, conjunctivitis, neurodermatitis and other allergic reactions.
Poor living conditions (polluted air, water) and poor diet (prevalence of food with preservatives, dyes and synthetic flavors, trans fats, fatty, fried and smoked foods) contribute to asthma development at people with genetic predisposition to the disease. Canadian Health&Care Mall decided in this article to consider the most typical asthma causes and symptoms and describe the most effective ways to deal with and prevent asthma attacks. asthma

Causes and Risk Factors

Asthma usually manifests in early infancy, but with age it disappears or becomes milder with attacks appearing not more than once a week. Usually, cough attacks at asthma is combined with dyspnea, difficulties at exhalation. If asthma attacks are of allergic nature (atopic asthma), they are accompanied by symptoms that are characteristic for any allergy - urticaria fever, runny nose, swelling, watery eyes. For non-allergic asthma choking attacks are more common, they arise spontaneously, even without visible presence of allergens, bronchial tubes are sensitive to slightest irritation, such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure changes. Parasitogenic infection can also cause asthma - if pathogenic agents are present in the body for a long time, immune system is reduced, sensitivity to even slight irritation increases. In conjunction with chronic bronchitis and other respiratory tract diseases, this leads to asthma attacks in response to household chemicals, drugs (e. g., aspirin), pollen. Roundworm larvae, penetrating lungs, cause coughing, provoke asthma development. Parasitic invasion may be unnoticeable to humans, as roundworms after coughing are usually reflexively swallowed. Other parasites that cause asthma: strongyloide, hookworm, toxocara.

Asthma Symptoms

  • Rales at breathing caused by air passing through highly constricted bronchial passages;
  • Painful cough at night and in the morning, worsening with air temperature decrease;
  • Shortness of breath, inability to exhale, possible panic attacks. Patients with asthma use shoulders and neck muscles to facilitate exhalation;
  • Increased chest – there is air in lungs that is impossible to completely exhale;
  • At severe disease stage breathing is so difficult, that even wheezing of exhaled air is not audible, because its amount is too small.

Canadian Uprima – Method of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Impotence is characterized by inability to achieve or maintain erection necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse. In fight against male impotence it has developed a new drug – Canadian Uprima. The main active substance is apomorphine hydrochloride. Additive components are:
  • magnesium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • citric acid;
  • hypromellose;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • disodium edetate;
  • silicon dioxide;
  • iron oxide red (E172);
  • acesulfame potassium;
  • mint and orange flavoring;
  • mannitol.

Indications for Canadian Uprima Use

The main indications for Uprima use is increased activity of dopaminergic neurotransmitter system of brain to enhance sexual interest and acute sensations in people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Uprima is prescribed for ED treatment.

Released Form

Uprima is released in form of sublingual tablet of 2 mg (pentagonal lollipops) or 3mg (triangular candy) corresponding to the quantitative content of apomorphine hydrochloride. The red-brown pills are bi-engraving - the letter "a" on one side and the number 2 or 3 on the other.


uprima The pharmacological action of Canadian Uprima online is directed to nuclei in the hypothalamus. This brain area is responsible for dopamine production, neurotransmitter system belongs to the group affecting ability to have fun. In turn, paraventricular nuclei in the hypothalamus is the area where focus sexual excitement aspects. Pharmacodynamic Canadian Uprima tablets properties are conditioned by apomorphine - main erection initiator sending proerectile impulse. Recovery of erectile function becomes possible thanks to central nervous system normalization that affects vascular response of penile cavernous tissue.


The half-life period of apomorphine is approximately 3 hours. Oral, intravenous and subcutaneous medication administration gives a maximum effect. Uprima of Canadian Pharmacy is available at Canadian Health&Care Mall healthcaremall4you.com at attractive price.

Canadian Uprima Pharmacokinetics

  1. Absorption - through oral cavity mucosa, and after 10 minutes, apomorphine appears in the blood plasma (maximum concentration observed after 40-60 minutes);
  2. Distribution - apomorphine 90% bound to plasma protein (albumin);
  3. Metabolic break up - is accomplished mainly by correlation with glucuronic acid or sulphate. The second way is expansion through N-demethylation and creating norapomorphine, which is converted to glucuronide and sulfate;
  4. Canadian Uprima excretion process - 2 mg sublingual administration determines 90% and 15% apomorphine presence approximately in urine and in feces respectively. Less than 2% of apomorphine detected in urine intactly. Faeces contain apomorphine norapomorphine and sulfates;
  5. It should be noted that pharmacokinetics of Uprima - apomorphine has not been studied in women and persons under 18 years. Data on apomorphine pharmacokinetics relate to healthy men over 65 years.

Uprima Use during Pregnancy

It is banned to use Canadian Uprima online during pregnancy, by women, and by children.


Uprima contraindications apply to patients with severe angina, myocardial infarction, suffering from hypotension or cardiac insufficiency, as well as other diseases that limit sexual activity. The presence of individual intolerance of one of drug components will also be banned. People with liver disease of varying degrees of recommended dosage does not exceed 2 mg to strict medical supervision.

Uprima Side Effects

These medical observations for 4,000 patients of different ages with a diagnosis - “erectile dysfunction” pathogenic, organic, or mixed type who took 2-3ml of apomorphine revealed the following Uprima side effects:
  • ability to develop vegetative syndrome manifested in spontaneous and brief drop in blood pressure, with consequent loss of consciousness (subject to the number of cases dosing less than 0.2%);
  • deterioration of general condition, characterized by pain of various localization or headache;
  • decrease in body's defenses and susceptibility to infection;
  • vasodilation;
  • nausea;
  • drowsiness, loss of consciousness;
  • short of breath feeling, rhinitis / pharyngitis exacerbation and cough;
  • excessive sweating;
  • changes in taste.
Admission for Canadian Uprima agreed with a specialist scheme shows good tolerability and documented cases of side effects. The drug was tested on patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, spinal cord injuries and underwent prostatectomy. Side effects of these diseases did not differ from the frequency and intensity of other patients taking Canadian Uprima.

Dosing and Administration

The initial dosage of Uprima pills assigned to all patients is 2 mg. Number of tableted material was adjusted to a value sufficient for sexual intercourse. The value is adjusted individually and re-reception is performed with an 8-hour interval.

Dosing and Administration

  • directly before sublingual administration, drink a little water, it will help medicine dissolve better;
  • approximately 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, place the tablet under the tongue;
  • complete dissolution of drug occurs, usually after 10 minutes. If after 20 minutes the tablet failed completely sucked, the rest should be swallowed; drug effectiveness increases sexual stimulation;
  • sexual intercourse should start only when you are feeling ready for it.


In the process of conducting clinical trials of Uprima tablets overdose any data were not revealed. Excess dosage of drug when administered sublingually often causes a gag reflex. Using the drug orally significantly reduces apomorphine effect as a result of metabolic breakdown.