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What Are Generic Drugs?

Recently, it has become used such a concept as "generic", but not everyone knows what this term means. So, generics are drugs that are identical to the original, they are much cheaper and are very common in pharmaceutical market. Now you can buy generic drugs at any pharmacy including Canadian Health Care Mall, they replace almost all of the original drug. Generics have appeared in developed countries in the second half of the last century. Their distribution is subject to low cost, which greatly increases social value of these drugs, making treatment affordable for all segments of population. In any country, health care costs are very high, which greatly affects economy, so people use any ways to save money. Through use of generic drugs, this situation has significantly improved. In recent years, volume of generics sales greatly increased, for example, in Europe it is more than 20 billion dollars, and in Russia the share of generics in the market is more than 90%, the lowest rate on their application in the United States. It does not exceed 15% of total used drugs. In essence, generic - a copy of original drug, and why to spend a lot of money when you can buy generic drugs? But it is not so simple as it seems, and sometimes, a copy may be significantly different from the original. The development of original drugs often takes several decades, in which is invested huge amount of funds, and goods enter market for which there is a patent, valid for a certain period. According to it generics - drugs appear on the market that are composed of the same active substance, but under different name, which gives manufacturer. As a manufacturer with such drug release obtains a much lower expenses, and cost of the final product obtained is substantially lower. Nowadays, it has become increasingly popular generic drugs that positively affect potency.generic drugs All generic drugs possess one feature - in their composition only active substances are copies of the original. Sometimes there are cases when their concentration is higher than that of original drug, but effect is worse. This can be attributed to several factors. For example, ultimate purity of active substance - in development of original manufacturer is tryings to improve product quality to win leading positions on the market, and in production of generic drugs there is not a problem that can greatly reduce drug's effectiveness. Another factor is interaction between active substance and additive agents. In original medication development it is paid a lot of attention to this, because presence of any chemical element can reduce or even completely neutralize drug' effect. In production of generics their interaction is rarely taken into account. Finally, the latest factor: the result of original drug development is usually stable chemical compound, but generics cannot always boast it. An example of this is drug with the same composition, but original feels fine at room temperature, but generic is necessary to be stored in refrigerator, or its pharmacological properties decline markedly or disappear altogether. In some cases, this drawback will not cause any difficulties, but what if you need medication throughout the day and requires it within reach all the time? (more…)